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Model: CDX-TP880

Capacity: TP-880:   4 to 8 CO lines, 16 to 80 extensions, Expandable

        4 or 8 CO line per CO card.

        8 extension line per extension card.


Operator / Auto-attendant Mode

Auto-Attendant (DISA: 20s three paragraphs)

Second Auto-Attendant (DISA: 20s One/ three paragraphs) (optional)

DISA: 60S or 90S four paragraphs (optional)

Operator setting (two operators)

External line caller ID

Transfer Caller ID (optional)

Intercom Caller ID (optional)

Call transfer

Outgoing call transfer

C.O. Line Transfer to C.O. Line

Call pickup

Call forwarding

Call all extensions

Three way conference

Auto IP Dialing (optional)

Call Switch (call pick during conversation)

Specific CO line dialing

CO line booking

CO line reservation

Ringing assignment

Do not disturb

Private Password

Internal Hot Line

Abbreviated Dialing

Multiple dial-out modes


Exts. Group

External Line Group

Door Phone Interface

Door Opener

Internal music on holding

External Music Input on Holding

11 Chord Melody Music Selectable

System CRBT

Call duration control

Call restriction

Ring identify

Outgoing Message Recording

C.O. Line & Exts Monitor

Flexible coding (change ext.No.)

Automatic Ext. reporting

External Broadcasting Interface

Internal Fast Dialing

Billing Software (include program) (optional)

Reverse Polarity Signal

Remote programming

Flash time choice

Alarm clock

Real Time Clock

Day/Night Mode (Auto/Manual)

System Password

Wireless Terminal Board (optional)

Multiple communication lines

Power failure transfer

Memory protect while power off

Switch Power

Backup BatteryInterface

Lightning Protection

Packing Details:

Weight:1012 KGS/PC

Giftbox size: 37X 16.5X31CM

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